Annual Contracts

Annual Contracts is excited to offer Annual Contracts – tailored to your specific needs!

Most churches do not have the budget for a staff Technical or Media Director. Here is a cost effective alternative to hiring new staff while adding a professional to your team!

For a small monthly fee... will contract with your church or organization to keep your systems and volunteers up-to-date and operating at peak performance. The annual Training and Maintenance Contract provides:

Regular equipment and systems maintenance visits • System updates and tune-ups • Training at regular intervals – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, etc. • Telephone and e-mail support • New equipment purchase assistance and recommendations • Convenient monthly billing with no payroll hassles

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Not ready for an Annual Contract? also offers a “Tech Tune-Up” service. Over a one to two week period, we will attend a weekend service to observe and analyze your systems and operators. We will spend one day conducting systems analysis and equipment testing. System deficiencies will be noted and addressed. One or more operator training sessions will be provided, as well as attending a second Sunday service, working alongside your team. Finally, we will submit a technical findings and needs analysis report. Pricing for a Tech Tune-Up varies based on church and system size.

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